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This is Undrten

We help entreperneurs do business.


Undrten is a company that, in addition to facilitating the (online) sale of products, also offers tools to help entrepreneurs

Undrten Software on Laptop, Tablet and Mobile

Our company’s vision is to facilitating in achieving synergy between Undrten and the entrepreneur and supportive between the entrepreneurs themselves.

Connecting two entrepreneurs
Connecting two entrepreneurs

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Let these smart tools help you so you can focus on product and service optimization during the expansion of your company.

Inventory Management


Entreperneurs clubhouse


Logistics truck with Undrten brand

By establishing a strong brand identity combined with a high-quality platform, Undrten will increase its reach and provide an attractive sales channel for young companies.

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We fancy our earth

Sustainability is very important to Undrten. That is why Undrten will donate a percentage of the profit to sustainability.

Good networks help businesses grow

While supporting entrepreneurs, Undrten will focus as much as possible on sustainability so that companies can take the next step in the field of sustainability.

At your service

Every step of the way

Undrten will also offer entrepreneurs tools so that entrepreneurs spend less time on peripheral matters and have more time that they can spend on their product. The tools must ensure continuity in the cash flow for Undrten, so that we can slowly and sustainably grow into a major player.


A platform for young companies, with high quality products. Distinctive by exclusivity. If the young brands become too big and the exclusivity decreases, they will be replaced by new young brands.


An anonymous application platform where there are equal opportunities for everyone on the job market. And a recruitment platform without bias and focus on the basis of competences and skills.


A chat and communication environment where entrepreneurs can work together and help each other. By sharing the experiences of yesterday and the next steps of tomorrow.


It not only captures data about customers and customer contacts, but also links them together, maps the customer's needs and shows which customers are most important.


The logistics process is an activity that takes a lot of time for young entrepreneurs. And so can distract from the core business, working on your product. Including stock management.


After sale, the product will have to be packaged and shipped. Undrten will set up a service that will facilitate this part of the process and making sure it is and stays sustainable.

Customer Support

As a customer you can outsource all business processes to Undrten. 100% focus for the development of your product. Customer service will help answer questions and resolve issues.